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Which university to start from?How to apply?English requirements?Scholarship requirements?

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Hey guys,I'm a highschool male student and I'll be doing A levels in chemistry,maths and physics this year(I'm in year 12 highschool,last year of schooling for me).I basically want to apply for mechanical engineering.My year 12 starts this september,and the A level results will come out in August 2012 or something.I curently live in Kuwait.My IG results have been pretty satisfactory so far.My AS results will be out on 18th August 2011.Wat I wanted to know was,which university should I search up in Canada?I know there's U of T,McGill,UBC,etc.,but which ones would YOU recommend?I don't really care about party life and stuff like that,I just want the studies and reputation.
Further more,I don't know HOW to apply,I mean,WHERE to start from?What do I do?should i start contacting the uni after my AS results?How do I get the forms and everything?I mean the METHOD :D
And plus,I wanted to know the SCHOLARSHIP requirements,and does the uni automatically select me for scholarship?Or do I need to apply for it separately?If so,can you tell me how?
And lastly,i'm not sure about the english requirements.So far I got an A in GCSE English First Language,and I've been in english speaking schools for basically the rest ofmy life,but some people say that I need IELTS or TOEFL(however you spell that) and stuff,can you clear me on that one,please?
I know it's a lot,but please share anything you know about any of the questions,I'm kind of completely new to stuff like this,and advises and information would be really helpful,thanks a million :) :D
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