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Who's Applying to Health Sciences?

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I'm not sure if I'm going to apply this year based on my Chemistry and Data struggles so far, but if that changes than I'll definitely be applying. I'm interested in the Community Rural Health Development subject!

So here are a few questions:
Where are you applying to? I have to stay in London.. So Western it is!
What are you aiming for? I heard you have to aim for an 85.. realistically I'm going to aim for an 83-85
Are you taking Chemistry? I took Chemistry because my guidances counsellors got me paranoid about the chances I'll have if I don't take it even though it's only recommended.. Totally wish I would not have done that. I'm trying but dying :(
Which math are you taking? DATA. Kind of a pain but I'm not doing toooooo bad.

Any current Health Sciences students, preferably UWO in my case: feel free to answer! Please!
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@fxoqxc wrote
health science at western? 100% not applying there

What's so bad about Health Sciences at Western? :P
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@fxoqxc wrote
was aiming for mid 90s but gonna look like i'll have to settle for low 90s since my bio mark isn't co-operating.. neither is my chem mark.. i'll probably end up at western biomed but iaintevenmad.jpeg

and make sure you take advfunc calc bio physics english and chem and not just data/chem..

totally just saw your comment about chemistry! It's a b-i-t-c-h, ain't it? :/ and I think you're so much better off with BioMed than Health Sciences anyway - at least in my opinion if you can get into that. :P Especially at Western.
Why all those classes by the way? Health Sciences isn't even so much of a Science/Mathematical faculty.. At least not at Western, I don't know about McMaster's.. refer to this post of mine: http://www.studentawards.com/Forum.aspx?g=posts&t=9453
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