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Why do you want to become rich?

A photo of Nitrous Nitrous
This has been a topic that I have questioned for the past month or so, "Why do I want to become rich?".Your first judgement might be that you want the big house, the cars, the accessories or the women...that is absolutely okay, as a matter a fact, that was my first judgement. Yet, when I started to think about "WHEN" I become rich don't you want to do something with that money that could help a greater,larger audience of people. For me I'm actually really excited to become rich because with that money I can help my pride and joy for animals. When I become rich, my money will be spent on saving animals, and providing more in depth research to their anatomy. Since I have a goal in mind I know that anything is possible, because as cheesy as it may sound if you believe you can do something...you can do it. I am really looking forward to getting my business degree because let's face it..business is where the money is. Money that can be spent on many important things such as my passion for animals. You may ask me if my passion is for animals then why don't you become a vet or something? Well.. the simple answer is I truly don't enjoy seeing animals suffering in any shape or form which I would have to go through on a daily basis. With that being said, WHY DO YOU WANT TO BECOME RICH? How are YOU going to benefit the world?

:cheers: and good luck with your studies! :)
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
So I can make life as easy as humanly possible for my family, then myself, then others...I'd also want something to be named after me. That'd be pretty kick-ass.
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
aside from the fancy stuff, i dont know why else i would want to be rich. i'm greedy, i guess. face it...when you have all that money in your account, you'll forget animals, donations, etc.
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A photo of Hassan185 Hassan185
The big house, nice carS, and all the other nice stuff are all a given. I just want to make my life as comfortable as possible. And one of the most important things the more money imake the more I can give to my family and a variaty of charitys.
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A photo of random random
If I become rich, I'd stop trusting my friends. I guess you can call me paranoid but you really don't know who is just using you and who is not. Honestly, I'd be just as happy to live a normal life and not be rich.
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