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A photo of Lunytoons1 Lunytoons1
Just a question. For those who take part in part-time jobs. do you think theres an equal trade off between the experience of being in a work place vs. the time taken from school.

a little psychology question. Does being part of retail and service business and the availability of quick cash at a young age contribute to a lingering ideology of cash over education?
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A photo of Vampyro Vampyro
I'm currently taking full time classes (4 classes and 1 lab) while working 25 hours a week to support myself. It's difficult, but having worked since I was 14 or 15 it's just a part of life. I think that the time management skills gained is worth the time I'm taking from studying. It's difficult to feel like you're always double booked in various aspects in life, needing to study but being at work, or needing the money to go to school/pay rent and spending 12 hours a day on campus.
I feel as though starting a job young and not having the motivation to go to post-secondary school is more detrimental than just putting cash ahead of education. Sometimes I wonder where my education is going to get me in comparison to someone who started in the department before me because they didn't go to school, but I try to stay optimistic and hope for the best.
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A photo of Nikoo589 Nikoo589
Personally, when I work while in school, I make sure I only do a max of 10 hours per week. That's only about 2 shifts. I find that really isn't TOO time-consuming.

Working gives you a lot of great things, money definitely being the best xP

But, you do have to weight it all out. For example, if you're aiming for scholarships that require high averages, bear in mind that work might take a toll on that. However, as long as you can maintain a good balance and make sure education is your priority (i.e. be prepared to put school over work should the choice come up), you should be fine.
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A photo of RachelleMcLean RachelleMcLean
i usually get about 15 hours per week....2 days during the week and once on weekends usually. i always make sure that my education comes first and when it is really dead at work, i bring my study papers down to my checkout at work xD

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A photo of bekabear bekabear
Working moderate hours (10-15) during school helps me do better at school. It keeps me keep busy when I have less homework so that when I have to do homework, I'm not in the habit of slacking off.

I do not know much about psychology, but it seems to me that a part-time job is an educational experience in addition to school.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
i have to balance 16-24 hours per week with full time school. I see it as an overall benefit because I have completely avoided student loans...However, I am having to ad a semester on to my degree because I have not had the ability to take the max courses per sem. However, working is something that adds to my life...if all i did was go to school, i think i would go crazy...plus the money thing is good too
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
It's definitely a practical way of learning. Just like school, you develop responsibility and maturity from working.
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A photo of DionneNg DionneNg
It teaches you the value of education and money. WIthout a good education, you will be stuck working that awful part time job. Without working hard during school to pay for it, you do not realize that value of money. Education comes first but you also need work experience to learn how to communicate in the work place, do well in interviews, and work in a team setting.
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A photo of kendrabishop kendrabishop
I definitely disagree with having a part time job for most students because they can't manage their work load plus their school work. I think you have the rest of your life to be working so while you are in school you should enjoy it and participate in the school
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I believe that working through school help with the work load that you may be face with throughout life. Many jobs involve long hours of study as well as a considerable amount of hands on activities. The important part about working throughout school is finding the perfect balance of hours work with available time for your studies.
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A photo of Tamanna Tamanna
i worked 3 years while i was at school and i had 20-25 hours a week, it didnt really affect my marks or anything. work mondays 4-5 hours and weekends 8-11 hours
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