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A photo of jguenther jguenther
In high school I'd get high 80's and now that I'm in college I'm finding that in some of my classes I'm struggling to stay at a 60. My highest final grade was 78.
If there is anyone else with this problem, what do you think it's because of??
-stress living arrangement (enviroment)
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A photo of treecows treecows
High school has a lot of dumb people which makes it easier to get good grades. And marks were inflated.
The average for university is usually around a 65%, where for high school it was 70/75%. Theoretically your marks should go down 10-15%

Work harder?
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I feel like the #1 reason for grades dropping in uni is just poor work/study habits.

In high school you have teachers reminding you of deadlines, checking your homework. Nobody reminds you in university and profs don't blink an eye if they have to fail you or give you a 0. Also, everything is weighted more heavily in uni..you may only have a midterm or 2 and then a final making up your entire mark; whereas in high school there's probably 5-6 unit tests, assignments and a final. So if you screw up on one midterm, you're penalized more heavily. People also skip classes/tutorials because it's a lot easier to skip in uni when nobody will be taking attendance and calling your parents.
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A photo of Zion Zion
Don't people's marks drop like 15% on average between high school and university?

It's normal. It takes time to adjust your habits.
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
On average, a person's marks drop 15%, but you don't necessarily need to expect such a drop. On average, a person also takes advantage of the freedom that comes with university, does less work than he or she had done in high school, and expects his or her marks to drop (and, as a result, their marks do drop - a self-fulfilling prophecy). If you're not that average person, then I wouldn't necessarily expect your marks to drop 15%, like that average person's marks will.
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