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A photo of lavan1993 lavan1993
I was just wondering if anybody knew what the program cutoff would be? I've heard that for the fall entry it was an 82% and since fall entry is basically considered early admission does the cuttoff at this time of the year generally take a dip or are there chances where it may rise? For those of you who have been admitted to the program, if you don't mind, what was your overall average when admitted and at what point of the year were you admitted? Just wondering because I'm currently at an 83.2% average(including all the required courses)and wondering if I can make it in.
Thanks in adavance!
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A photo of g93 g93
The cutoff will likely be an 82, the highest it would be is porbably an 83. As long as you are over the cutoff, you will get in. Which means an 83.2 all but guarantees you admission (unless some unforseen change happens, highly highly doubt it). I would expect an offer within the next two weeks. Good luck!
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A photo of iDream iDream
your average is more than enough :) stop worrying and partyy lol
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