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Will I get accepted ?

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I applied to Windsor BComm, Waterloo Accounting and Financial Management CA option, and Western Engineering.

I got accepted into Windsor based on grade 11 marks (87% overall average in grade 11.

So far I've completed grade 12 english and got 90%. Right now I have a 55% in calculus (I found it to be boring, so I didn't really do anything all year), 92% in economics, and 78% in fuctions (screwed up a bit). Next semester I have accounting, chemistry, and physics.

Do you think I should retake calculus next semester at night school ? My average will probably be an 81% if I stick with the 55%, but if I drop it before exams and retake it and get an 80 and above, my average will probably be an 85 or 86.

What should I do ?
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A photo of TheCatherine TheCatherine
i would drop calc ASAP. if its possible... and do it next semester (id go with this option)
or, redo it, and have AMAZING ECs...
i know for those programs at waterloo and western are hard to get into.. like you need a 90 average... (CUDO)
but i know a friend that goes to York for a Bsc in Economics and he is nominated for the Rhode scholarship... so, you might want to consider York?

(still in gr12... so idk more than you!)
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That 55% will definitely knock your average down a whole lot and will look really bad on your transcripts. So I would definitely recommend retaking it. I got an 80% in my math courses right now (adv func and calc) so i am retaking them and getting 90%. It definitely looks better to be not just necessarily higher but consistent with your grades.
Waterloo and Western are two of the top schools in this province so yes they will definitely be harder to get into.

And if you found calc to be boring, why were you only getting a 55%? I found it boring but still pulled off a pretty okay mark...? If you hate it or don't even need it, then don't!
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