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Will I Get Accepted into Laurier BBA? PLZ HELP

A photo of Neil01 Neil01
I have an 85.6 % and really want to get into Laurier's BBA Program. I've been so desperate this entire year, and everyone is counting on me getting in. But i really don't wanna disappoint anyone especially myself. K i think this is getting a little off-topic, but basically can anyone of you tell me if i will get accepted with this average and marks. Unfortunately i fell short under the cutoff. They say it will be 87% :(

Advanced Functions: 90
Calculus: 87
English: 94
World Issues: 80
Environment: 94
International Business: 70

Combined Average: 85.6 %

My international business teacher really fked me over and i don't want an alternate offer to economics :( I'm so scared right now, shitting my pants and i will cry if i don't get in. So many other people i know have like 88's, 89's, 87's, do i really stand a chance? I also completed the ABS Form, and think it was alright. I have no idea whats gonna happen and i actually want Laurier so badly, every single day i get so stressed thinking about this Laurier acceptance. If i don't get in i'll feel like i let myself down, and plus i don't wanna see how disappointed my parents will be. I'll do anything for this Laurier acceptance like i think im the most desperate kid that wants this program :(

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A photo of computerengineer computerengineer
Wow your math and english marks are so good. Is international business even a prerequisite? Why do you have it in your top 6. If you could replace that with a 90 you are in for sure. Otherwise, you have a decent shot. They might not care all that much about other marks then prerequisites.
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A photo of Neil01 Neil01
No international business is not a required prerequisite, i was sick for like 2-3 weeks before midterms so i was not able to show up to school. My other teachers understood my situation, however my I.B teacher didn't believe me and ended up giving me a horrible mark. I know :( I'm so disappointed...
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Your acceptance is gonna depend on how well you did your ABS, but you definitely have a chance. Yo, chin up. If you don't get in it ain't the end of the world. Good Luck dude.
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A photo of Neil01 Neil01
Thnx for the support! :) And trust me man i wouldn't be able to move forward without this acceptance, im so desperate i really want it. But its getting alot more competitive, i know last year people got accepted with low 80's. My friend got accepted with an 84%.
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A photo of Jason202 Jason202
just what i know/heard so dont quote me ~

if ur abs is good then i think you have a good chance :)
a decent abs boosts your chances up by 3% that can be added on to your avg~
so technically ur mark is 88 ~ cheers
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A photo of Neil01 Neil01
I'm just scared how my ABS Form will compare to other applicants, especially when their averages are a little better than mine. I'm so scared with this 85.6% average, and we only have 1 month remaining to get accepted :( I dont know what to do with my life.
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