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Will I get accepted to these science programs?!?!

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For my last semester final marks they were


This midterm

Function (redo)-81

With these marks is it likely ill get into any of these programs

University of Toronto- Life Science

Waterloo- Biology

York- Psychology (Bsc)

I didn't get a reply from anywhere yet and I'm getting nervous about it. Any advice, reassurance will be helpful. Thanks

edit- does the order you put the universities in on the ouac site effect your chances.
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From what it looks like, you have a high 70/low 80 average; this will get you accepted into York for sure. UTSG accepts EVERYONE, you can have a mid 70 average, and they'll accept you. They accept everyone to collect money and then weed off almost 70% of their students after first year...
I'm not sure about Waterloo, I'm pretty sure you need a low 80 average to get in, and most people that get in have a mid-high 80 average.

Hope this helped!
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Waterloo does now review course retakes favorably. If you have a good EC profile, that might boost your profile. York will take you.
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