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Will I get accepted?

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I really would refrain from making a thread like this, but I've been under so much pressure from my parents lately because of some mark drops. I'm still within my range of anticipated grades, but my parents seem to be incredibly worried. I'm mainly applying to civil engineering at Waterloo, U of T, and architecture at Waterloo and Ryerson. I'm expecting my average to be around 88-89, possibly 90 if I get a half-decent elective in my schedule next semester.

Advanced Functions - 92 (finished)
Physics - 85 (midterm)
Computer Science - 87 (midterm)
Data - 88 (midterm) -> hoping to go up to a 91 or so.
Philosophy - 81 (planning to drop)

Predicted midterm marks for next semester:
Chemistry - ~85
English - ~87
Calculus - ~95

Brings me to 88.67% average for my engineering top 6. Slightly higher for my architecture top 6 (no chem required). If I can get my philosophy dropped and put back in next semester, I'm highly confident that I can get >95. My average will be around the 90 if this is successful.

My ECs are pretty mediocre though. 2 years of weekly volunteering at a senior home, member of DECA, exec on the computer science club (co-founder as well), >10 years of art studies, part-time job at a small computer company.

What are my chances, realistically?
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I'm not too sure about the cutoffs for engineering; but you should be able to get an interview at Waterloo for architecture with your marks. What i heard is that for Waterloo, once you get an interview your marks really don't matter anymore; its all on your portfolio and your precis test. Its the same for Ryerson, usually 85%+ you'll be fine academically, the rest rides on your portfolio.

Good luck!
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
88.67% is fine. More than what you need.
You don't need tons of EC's either. The AIF gives you barely any room to write anything. You'll do fine.
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