yconic - WILL I GET ACCEPTED????
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I applied to
UoFT scarborough and York for sociology (requirement is mid-high 70s)
Carleton University for political science and criminology (requirement is 73-76)
and Ottawa University for Criminology and Criminal Justice (requirement is 75-77)
My average is most likely 76%

What are my chances? I really want to go to Ottawa or Carleton. :/
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Your chances look good! Your average is in the range, but you should still try and improve. Good luck at Ottawa or Carleton because your chances are pretty high for that.
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A photo of iCorrosive iCorrosive
Anybody can get in to York's sociology. If things don't go your way, go to York, and transfer the following year.

But yeah, you seem like you have a good chance with Carleton. :)
UOttawa too!
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A photo of ojand ojand
lmao yorks sociology is a joke of a program
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Carleton and OttawaU will definitely accept you (probably in May)
As long as you are aroung the *suggested average* for the programs!
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