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Will i get accepted

A photo of jmanji jmanji
I secured an 81% of 6 U/M courses Average for midterm..

The programs i applied for are Criminology @ UTM, Carleton and Ottawa

I got accepted to windsor but im definetly not going there

My top choice is carleton right now..
could i possibly get in

and does anyone know when the next round of acceptances are coming cause my mid term marks go in tuesday from what i know.
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3 replies
A photo of Hunter14 Hunter14
From what I read for Carleton admissions the average for Criminology was 73-76% so you should be fine. Also I think Carleton sends out offers on a rolling basis rather than in rounds. I figure the week midterms go into OUAC (or the week after) you should hear something. Good luck!
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A photo of jmanji jmanji
Thanks for the help...i see you got accepted there too.. Congrats, are you thinking of going there?
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A photo of Hunter14 Hunter14
You're welcome, hopefully you hear from them soon! I actually accepted my offer recently so unless something changes I'll be there in fall. It's quite exciting! :)
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