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Will i get in ??

A photo of mo0nj1j1 mo0nj1j1
This term i got an 80% average and well last year i didnt really do that well my grades were low in grade 11 but i raised my marks in grade 12 .. i got accepted to York for social work and to Trent for Politics but i dont know if my grades are good enough to get into Ryerson for Social Work so do you think that with my current average i will get in?? Thanks
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A photo of Katarina101 Katarina101
I answered your other one, but I will answer again. I think you will get in. But why are you set off for Ryerson, York by far has the better program. Ryerson only accepts like 199 people, giving it the illusion of a prestgious program. York has far more social work courses than Ryerson, and it will prepare you much better if you plan on going for your masters. I wanted to go to Ryerson at first, I was psyched, but then I did some research and found that York is better. Try to do better this semester, just in case and as long as you don't go below an 80, you will get in.
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