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Will I get in to chem eng at Uoft?

A photo of tictac166 tictac166
I want to get into Chemical engineering at UofT but I'm a bit worried.
I have an 84.5 average, with my lowest mark in English which is 76. Do you think I will have a high chance of getting in because the rest of my marks are above 80 and I packed my SPF with a lot of EC.

btw do they round your averages?
and does anybody know of people that got in with low 80s?
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A photo of sdey22 sdey22
You're borderline because I've heard chem is around the mid-80s, but you'll still probably make it if you have good marks in physics and calculus. Especially since you're saying that you have a good SPF with lots of ECs, you should do fine. I don't think they round your average, I think they only round it to 2 decimal places, so you would be at 84.50%. But I doubt anyone got in with low-80s now because chemical, electrical, and mechanical tend to be the more popular choices at UofT.
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