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Will I Get In?

A photo of leylakarie leylakarie
Right now, my goal is to pursue a career in nursing. I am currently taking Biology, Chemistry, Accounting and another course. I am taking Math, Physics, English and Law next semester. I am planning to go to the University of Ottawa because it is my hometown university. So, I was wondering if I have a 94 in Biology, 85 in Accounting and an 84 in Chemistry. If I can get in? My average right now is at a 90.2 but it will probably drop next semester because of my hard topics. I am predicting over 77 in physics and math and over 80s in english and law as what I can obtain. Will I get in?
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A photo of scshirley scshirley
Dont worry. You'll defiantly get in if u keep that average. In my opinion your doing an excellent job and you have nothing to worry about. Keep it up and good luck!!
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A photo of Joshki Joshki
ur average is good enough for ottawa.
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