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Will I get in?

A photo of TotoSmith TotoSmith
Hey, so I know that no one can really answer these questions but I'm curious anyway. I've applied to Waterloo mathematics and mathematical sciences at the University of Toronto and sciences at Western. My marks...
advanced functions-80% :(
overall average...85-87%
grade 11 average-81%
grade 10 average-86%

-volunteer as a reading program coordinator at a library
-assist in running services at church
-past volunteer for a para-olympics organization

Unfortunately I haven't written the Euclid yet. I'm going to write this year and I have written one other contest (although not a Waterloo competition). What do you think my chances are? I'm really unsure right now, especially for Waterloo... Also, my plan is to study actuarial science. That leads to my other question. I read somewhere that at UofT, you will be prepared to write the first actsci exam after second year, second exam after third year, and the third and fourth exams after fourth year? Does anyone know if this is correct?

Thanks so much in advance for any help! :)
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A photo of Rush Rush
I cannot add any value in terms of answering your specific questions, but I'll offer some advice if you don't mind.

Most people on here are not admission department workers, but rather high school students with strong biases that do nothing to answer your question with reliable answers.

I empathize that applying to university is a very stressful period in one's life, however, know that coming on this forum to ask for acceptance is simply living in fantasy. If you want to do that, by all means, but you might do yourself a favour by continuing to work hard, by doing your best not to let the stress of applying get to you, and by believing in your ability to succeed whether you go to Waterloo and study mathematics or not.
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A photo of TotoSmith TotoSmith
A little late but... thanks for your reply. I do realize what you're saying is correct and that no one on here can give me a definite answer (as I stated in the first sentence of my original post). But I don't believe that all the answers are biased as I have found some of them to be helpful. Anyways, can anyone answer my questions on the actsci exams at UofT? I've also heard that Waterloo offers actsci exam clearances without actually writing the exam...? Can anyone help clear up these two questions for me?
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