yconic - Will i get into business management in Ryerson with these marks
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Will i get into business management in Ryerson with these marks

A photo of atharul atharul
Ok, so i go to a semestered school and im pretty sure im not getting no early acceptence

Advanced Functions - 65
Physics- 85
Chemistry- 75
Calculus- 80
International Business- 85
English- 85

it comes to about a 79 average, im tryna aim higher but even with these, do you guys think ill get in with a late acceptence, im especially scared about my AV mark
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2 replies
A photo of Absolut10 Absolut10
Your marks seem pretty decent for BM, you have a fairly good chance, try to bumb it up by a couple of percent just to be sure. If you don't get into BM you'll get an alternative offer to ITM/retail/hotel management, of witch you could switch into BM in your later years. Good Luck!
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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
i know someone who had marks that were a bit lower than those (esp in english) and got in last year.

so u should be fine!
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