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Will I get into Mcgill?

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I haz... a situation. I'm at a semestered school here in toronto, known for its solid, difficult marking. It's said that for any ontario university I apply to, they wil consider the fact that I went to this particular high school, perhaps even inflate my average one or two %, such is the nature of our reputation lol.

Anyway, I really want to go to McGill for biomedical science. Sadly, my 1st semester's average isn't good. Only an 85. English not included in this 85.

Chemistry: 75
Data: 84
Adv. Functions: 89
Comp. Sci: 92
English: 92

Right. Terrible. I know. :(
However, my usual average is above 95. There were extenuating factors in my first semester, so I was totally blindsided. Anyway, I am going to work my butt off and catch up in the new semester, and get my usual average, 95.

So my predicted courses would be like this

Biology: 97
Physics: 98
Law: 99
Calculus: 99

McGill takes the top 6 averages. But, how badly would you think it would reflect on me if they saw my garbage sem 1 marks, and then all of a sudden this great boost up to 97 or so.

As a top 6, I would be choosing calculus, law, english, physics, biology, and computer science giving me an average of 96.16.

So 85 average in sem 1, 96.16 sem 2. Would they still take the top 6, irregardless of sem 1/2, and then find my average? (which would be 96.16)
How likely would I be to get in?
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*regardless (lol sorry that was bothering me)

They'll be looking at your grade 11 and first semester midterms (or finals) for early admission. As your said, your sem 1 marks aren't exactly meeting their cutoff (~92 for biomed),so you probably won't be offered early admissions (just a guess; you still might). However, this is only EARLY admissions. When your sem 2 midterms come out, they'll review your marks again, which is when they'll take the top six. With a 96 average, you'll most likely be admitted - probably with a scholarship too.
They don't really care how well you did each semester; as long as you meet the minima of 85 in your science courses and 92 average in your top six, you'll be fine.

PS. I'm applying for McGill biomed too :) Hope you get in!
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