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Will I get into McGill Biomed/Lifesci with this?

A photo of marky marky
My grade 11 final average was around a 90.7 which is kind of sub-par, I know...

And this year my English mark is seriously bringing my average down. If I work my butt off on the Midterm exams, my top 6 average will probably reach a 93.3 at most. That will be the mark submitted to OUAC (Ontario).

I really want early acceptance, and I know that last year the min. requirement was a 91%
so will I get it? Or will I have to wait until May????
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A photo of canta93loupe canta93loupe
I'm thinking that you'll have to wait until May. I'm assuming that the students that get early acceptance are the ones who also qualify for scholarships, and for scholarships at McGill you need AT LEAST a 93% average in both Grade 11 and 12. But then again, I don't know anyone who has gotten early acceptance to McGill, so I can't really say? Yeah.
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