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Will i get into McMaster University??? PLEASE HELP!

A photo of KcM11 KcM11
Hi im a grade 12 student who applied to both McMaster and Western for their social science program and im stressing about getting in... Lets just say im having a little bit of a rough year in the marks department lol
my current grades as of semester 2 midterm are...

English = 93%
Law = 91%
Religion = 90%
Photography = 93%
Philosophy = 80%
Biology = 70%
Advance Functions = 51%
Chemistry = 55%

all of these courses are either university or mixed level. Im freaking out about my really bad functions and chemistry marks but i have been told that universities only consider your top 6 marks. The only prerequisite for the program is english. Do you think i have a chance at getting into any of these programs??? :/

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A photo of Wasi786 Wasi786
You will be fine I think. Its interesting that you are going for your undergraduate in soc. What do you plan on doing with this degree (I am just curious)? I am getting a 96 in sociology at the moment(not to brag or anything lol) but honestly its one of the easiest courses of my life.

Anyways good luck and I hope you get in.
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A photo of KcM11 KcM11
man im so worried lol and you dont think the math and chem will hurt me getting in?
I chose social sci because i would like to major in either political science or criminology, im just not really sure which one yet lol and hopefully that will get me into law school. I really want to become a lawyer someday :)
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A photo of bdiaram bdiaram
I think you have a pretty good chance of getting in, your other marks are very good and Mac only requires english for social science.
I'm pretty sure they won't look at your math/chem because they aren't part of your top 6 (unless one of your top 6 isn't a U or M course)
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A photo of jessicadonnan jessicadonnan
why did yo even suffer through math and chem>?
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A photo of KcM11 KcM11
Jessica: i know lol the math/chem was really unnecessary... i just didnt know what kind of program i wanted and didnt want to limit myself.

Thanks for all the replies! :)
if i do get accepted to both Western and McMaster social science programs which one would you recommend me taking? is one better than the other?
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