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Will i get into StFX university?

A photo of rawrawraw rawrawraw
hey guys im sure you heard about StFX (Saint Francis Xavier), the best university in the world.
I have already been accepted to MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Caltech. All with full 4 year scholarship. However, i have yet to be accepted into StFX. My grades are:

English 99%
Advanced Functions 100%
AP Calculus 100%
AP Physics 99%
AP Chemistry 99%
AP Biology 100%

Average 99.5%


I am the head violinist at the orchestra of my school.
I am the captain of the swim team.
Captain of the computer club.
Captain of the math club.
I scored 98% on the Euclid math contest.
Top 5% on Sir Issac Newton physics contest.
I also won top prize at the science fair at my school/

S.A.T. results:
99th percentile for mathematics
99th percentile for reading
98th percentile for writing


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A photo of ihatemylife ihatemylife
St Fx is a very rigorous university. I got in with similar marks and a little more EC's and got a full-scholarship. St Fx has state-of-the-art research facilities and is one of the leading researchers in Canada in the field of genetic mutations to gain unnatural abilities. I am currently lucky to be a co-op student in one of these facilities where we are working on an ability to see through physical objects at the discretion of the holder.
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A photo of NettleShine NettleShine
Being honest, no, I really don't think you stand a chance.
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A photo of TheKey TheKey
It's really competitive. Just bump up those marks by around 5%, and you'll probably have a chance of getting a late offer.
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
what kind of a loser (with a 99.5% already accepted to the world's best universities) would ask this question. so pathetic -__-
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A photo of Lifeguard Lifeguard
Probably not. I graduated High School at nine and had a 100% GPA and had already been published and I was waitlisted.
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A photo of tpoto91 tpoto91
your living in a fantasy world if you think your going to get in.
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A photo of Cr?meGlac Cr?meGlac
Ivy Leagues don't offer merit based scholarships....
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