yconic - will i get into u of t ? :(
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will i get into u of t ? :(

A photo of teeallyssa teeallyssa
I applied to the following universities, but I was wondering what average do I need to maintain, eveyone is telling me I have to get at least a 90 average and its stressing me out....I really really really want to get into u of t :study:

University of Toronto
Social Sciences

York University
Social Work

Ryerson University

University of Guelph
Criminal Justice & Public Policy
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A photo of petarpoparacrni petarpoparacrni
I think you can get in with a 80ish average...
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A photo of nehalkazim nehalkazim
For Ryerson, you should be fine with a minimum of an 80% average. The other schools should be around the same range. 90% average for sociology sounds surprisingly high...
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