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Will I Get into U of T EngSci?

A photo of lifeintechnicolor95 lifeintechnicolor95
I'm currently in Grade 11 and here are my marks:

English: 97
Math: 92
Physics: 94 (though I feel like this will go down after the last couple of projects/tests)
Chemistry: 98
Socio/Anthro/Psych: 99
Technological Design: 91
Accounting: 96
Art: 95

Other than my marks, I have a few extracurriculars; I help out at my church sometimes, I do piano (which I will be stopping after June), I plan to do my lifeguard swimming course in the summer, and I'm in a school Robotics Club which I rarely go to.

If I keep up these marks in Grade 12 and continue my mediocre ec's, do I have a chance of getting into Engineering Science at U of T?

I plan to ultimately do Aerospace. Should I even do Engineering Science in the first place? (My alternates would be Mech. or Chem.)

HELP! :!:
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A photo of ousia ousia
yea you will get in... 90+ average why would they reject you i dont see any reason
unless you have a bad record like doing drugs and crap
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