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Will I get into University for engineering?

A photo of Raniel312 Raniel312
Calculus: 81
English : 72
Biology: 88
World History: 90

thats about an 81% average, and I'm in the IB program (which i believe doesn't really matter in admissions). I also have strong extracurricular activities.

I applied to the following:

1. U of T (In order of choices) Mech, Civil, Industrial, Computer, any position open
2. University of Western Ontario Mechanical Engineering
3. Queens (General Engineering)
4. Waterloo (Mech, Civil, Management Engineering)
5. Ryerson (Admitted)

What are my chances of getting into any of those universities with my average?

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A photo of iRamie iRamie
I might not be correct because i haven't applied this year, but Waterloo for engineering requires a minimum 75% on all their pre-req courses. So because you are going to engineering, chemistry is a pre-requisite so idk :|
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A photo of Dynamics Dynamics
To be blunt, your chances for UofT and Waterloo are really low.

There's always hope but eh... I would say, if you had an 80 for Chem and English then you'd have a fighting chance. An 80 across is better than high 80s- low 70s split.
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A photo of YipAlpha YipAlpha
I'm fairly certain that Waterloo engineering wants a minimum of 70% for pre-requisites. Generally, the cut-off is around the mid-80's. Although if you wrote a good AIF (including your strong extracurriculars), it should boost your average by a few points
...not sure if it would be enough in this case though :/
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A photo of Mig Mig
You might have a shot at Queens and UWO, how confident are you in your supplementary forms?
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