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Will i get into UTSG?

A photo of mkulykov mkulykov
I applied to Computer Science at UTSG and im wondering if you think i will get in with the following marks:

1. English 72
2. Law 83
3. History 83
4. Economics 83
5. Challenge and change 85 (Midterm)
6. Calculus 90 (Midterm)

Overall Average: 82.7%

What do you guys think??
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2 replies
A photo of Bscit Bscit
Your mark seems kinda low. The are looking for low 80s and thats what you have
but Idk about UTSG but its pretty competitive program at Waterloo. Mid 80s probably would
ensure admission. If you dont get accepted, theyll probably give you an Alt to CS at UTSC or UTM and you can always switch to UTSG after the first year.
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A photo of Serllen Serllen
I think it's your English mark that's hurting you at this point, you meet the low 80s average admission requirement but for UTSG CS they also want your prerequisites (in this case, Calculus and English) to be 75% or higher.
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