yconic - Will i get into York Life Sci *sigh*?
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Will i get into York Life Sci *sigh*?

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Well my marks are very poor. This is due to many family issues (moving and teachers not being able to teach). I also do admit, i havent done my fair share of the work.

1st semester

(useless) English: 73 (this is such a subjective course..)
Physics: 76 (my fault)
Advanced functions:66 (teacher failed the entire class, i worked my butt off)
(needed the spare to sleep (had to wake up early)

2nd semester

Advanced functions nightschool: 90s
Biology :(80-85)
Chemistry :(77-80)
Calculus :(70)

My estimated average will be roughly 77 to 79

Will York accept me? Will i be able to explain the circumstances (financial and moving)?
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