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Will I make it? [Engineering/Comp. Sci.]

A photo of Madhawakolonna12 Madhawakolonna12
Hello guys.

So let me start off by saying that my midterm marks which were sent to universities were pretty bad - my average was around 78%. But now, my school sent in the marks again yesterday, and Universities are making decisions from these marks. So, I really am curious to know my chances of getting into the programs in which I applied to. And I also want to say that the program I really want to get into is Computer Engineering at Waterloo, but my marks are kind of low for that, but still what do you guys think my chances are, and also for all the other programs I applied to.

Programs Applied to:
Computer Engineering - Waterloo
Computer Science (Co-op) - Waterloo
Computer Science (Co-op) - UTSC
Engineering (General) - McMaster


Marks: (Top Six + Mandatory)
English: 70
Functions: 75
Calculus/Vectors: 91
Physics: 88
Chemistry: 88
Biology: 87

Other Subject: (Top six for McMaster since Functions is not Prereq.)
Computer Science: 82


Average: 83.2 (UTSC/Waterloo)
Average: 84.3 (McMaster)

What are my chances?!
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A photo of pepper pepper
I wouldn't expect to get into waterloo, but mcmaster is a possibility
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A photo of RedOrbit RedOrbit
prolly not waterloo, maybe mcmaster, not sure about utsc
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A photo of Madhawakolonna12 Madhawakolonna12
Im wondering ..say if i do get into UTSC Computer Science and I also get into Mac Engineering, which one should I rather do (say i do Computer Engineering at Mac) ? Which one do you think will be better for jobs and for me?
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A photo of plato plato
Your low english and functions will probably take you out of the UTSC/Waterloo race, unless your ECs are stellar.

Edit: Sorry, thought you wrote SG instead of SC. Should have some chance in SC.
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A photo of jkrooster jkrooster
Its not impossible as last year people have gotten in with an 83 into computer engineering,the individual course marks shouldnt hurt you as it's the overall average + aif score that your judged on.
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