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Will i make it to waterloo engineering ?

A photo of freedomdude0 freedomdude0
I am just wondering what are my chances of making it into the University of waterloo's engineering program. I have applied to electrical engineering, but on the aif my second choice is chemical engineering , and my thrid choice was management engineering.

My average currently is a 83.3, including : Adv Function (82) , Physics (85) , calculus ( 83). .

My anticipated average for this current semester is:
english : ( 80-84)
chemistry : (90 + )
computer science ( 90 + )
i know my marks aren't spectacular but i think i still have a chance
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A photo of cpeister cpeister
I am no expert, but I think it will depend on your AIF. At their open house I talked to a guy who got in to software with an 82, but he said it was the AIF that saved him. Be sure to put lots of effort into it.
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A photo of aimango aimango
^ was he a brown guy with glasses? lol that guy failed out even before 1st term finals came around

anyways, the electrical eng program is pretty tough at waterloo. engineering here wants you to have a decent avg not only because youre competing against other intelligent applicants, but also to make sure your work ethic is strong enough to handle the shitload of work you gotta deal with in uni.

so what are your ECs like? if you dont get into electrical eng, i am pretty sure you will get into your other 2 choices. although, i would pick CE as your 2nd or 3rd if i were you, if you really like Electrical eng, because its easier to transfer into it later (maybe) if you wanted to in the future.
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