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will my offer get withdrawn at laurier?

A photo of currymasta currymasta
i got accepted to bba with an 86 average and pretty much since midterms i screwed up and almost all my classes dropped.my average might be at around an 81 if not an 82. i know i'm safe if it's an 82, but what if i get an 81? please help :(
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A photo of g93 g93
Personally I wouldn't do it - not to mention it won't work at all schools/ with all teachers - but you could always try asking your teachers to give your marks a boost. Supposedly it happens a lot.

The other thing you can do it contact Laurier and ask to retake a course or two in summer school and see if they will let you.

It might also be possible to end up in Honours Economics at Laurier if the first two ideas fail. At least you wouldn't be completely screwed.
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A photo of Labyrinthes Labyrinthes
today i found out my avg is 81.5. tmr im going to attempt to ask for a boost. i was wondering if i was not able to boost my mark, will i be able to take summer school to boost my mark? I was just wondering if there was a case someone was not allowed to take summer school and had their offer revoked.
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A photo of g93 g93
^I'm not 100% sure. I would definitely call them and try to either talk your way into (1) being allowed to do summer school and stay in the BBA program or (2) the honours economics program.

Try and find if there is some sort of appeal process if that doesn't work.
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A photo of whysocurious whysocurious
Call admissions about the summer school idea, but if nothing works out remember that they will not automatically withdraw your offer. If you did your supplementary form, your average in their eyes may keep you above that 82% because a good supplementary adds value to your average. So they will look over your application, have hope.
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