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Will my U of T Life Sci offer be revoked?

A photo of alvihabib alvihabib
I recently got accepted to the U of T Life Science program.

A few days ago I received my admission packet by mail, and under conditions of admission offer, it says that I have to get at least a 3 on both English, and Calculus AP test, and maintain my grade, or they reserve the right to revoke my admission offer.

Problem is, I'm not taking the Calc AP test because neither BC nor AB is acceptable for credit transfer, so I thought taking the test would be pointless.

Does this mean they might revoke my admission offer? Or am I just unnecessarily freaking out? Also, does it say this for everyone?

Please advise :pale:
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A photo of Lillyx1124 Lillyx1124
I guess it is fine if you don't take it because you get to choose whether or not to send them the AP exam results. You only need to maintain a 75 average. I planned to take the AP Cal exam as well but I decided not to because no credit is given. BTW, I got accepted by U of T life sci too.
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