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Will Rotman revoke offer?

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My cal mark during mid term was 91. I dropped. Going into the exam I had an 85, thats 6% already. I dont know my mark on the exam, but I know I didnt do really well. Rotman says to maintain your marks, but I dont really know what kind of drop that means is acceptable. Im pretty sure all my other marks are going to stay relative the same. My average before exams has dropped around 1-2 % but im still in the 90's. Any thoughts, should I be concerned? I'm really worried!!!!
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I'm wondering the same thing. Does the overall average have to be above 85?
I think your calc and english have to be above 80 but its really rare for them to revoke your offer and if they do
you can upgrade your calc mark in the summer.
They also say your marks have to drop significantly so possibly 10% decrease.
Good luck!
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A photo of Chara Chara
I'm not 100% sure, but I'm guessing that you'll be fine.

I know people that got into Rotman with 85 averages, so you to drop to an 85, even though it is a 6% drop, isnt really that bad for the program overall.

Maybe if you have an 85 and then dropped 6% theyd drop you, but you should be fine.

To be safe just call them.
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