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Will UBC Sauder & McGill BCom accept me??

A photo of Gunner12 Gunner12
Hello I'm just one student in bc and I have applied to McGill B.com and UBC sauder

I wonder if i have a chance to get in to these two univs.

So they are my grade 12 marks

English Final: 77% (in summer school, im retaking in second semester now...)
AP CHEM Interim: 85%, CHEM 12 Interim: 90%
AP BIO Interim: 79%, BIO 12 Interim: 84%
MATH12 final: 92%
AP Calculus interim: 92%

In my school this is how the mark works
In my school there are ap classes and as long as you take ap classes it gives you a credit for both AP and the regular 12 class. But i get 5% bump for the regular class since ap class is harder than regular 12 class. But it doesnt work for the calculus Ap since calculus is not provincial course for BC...

If i take those 5 courses (excluding the marks of AP marks), my average is 87%.
According to some ppl it is below mcgill acceptance but above the ubc sauder.
But i am wondering if mcgill is going to care that i am doing AP classes rather than way easier regular 12 courses....

Please help... Im actually so worried...

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A photo of jessiexo jessiexo
Cutoff for desautels was 91% last year... Chances for getting in are slim unless their cutoff is lowered this year but even so I doubt it'd be by 4%. You have a better chance or getting into sauder
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
This is actually one of those cases of a, I suppose, flaw in the education system.
Unlike American schools, Canadian schools don't *really* look at the difference between AP, IB, or regular class. IB is a bit different because of their point system, but AP and normal classes are viewed, I think, the same.

Such is a problem because kids are tricked into believing AP>normal classes, which they are. However, a student in AP who's getting 85s would probably be getting 90~95s, but that isn't recognized because they really just get the top 6 average.

I remember going to the University fair and a McMaster rep told us that they don't place a higher regard for them over another. I believe they give you extra credits so you can skip a course in uni or something...

As far as marks go, I don't think 91% was the cut off, rather it was the entering average. I might be mistaken, but don't lose hope!
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A photo of serene1harmony serene1harmony
You will need a really good supplemental to get into Sauder.

Admission average last year was 91%, and it was 93% the year before that.

My sources are quite credible. The UBC Dean of Commerce told Sauder students himself that 91% was the admission average last year. As for 93%, I heard it from a Sauder student who was admitted that year (she also heard it from the Dean; the Dean tells you the admission average at this event thing in September once you're admitted).
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