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Withdrawing from a course/transcript help

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Ok so here's my problem. I'm currently at a community college taking a law program, on top of that I've decided to take a online credit(chemistry Grade 11) through ILC. My deadline is approaching (couple weeks) and I still have 50% of the course to finish. I've been busy with college and worked all summer so I haven't had a lot of time to work on the course. I'm doing quite well in college (high avg, few 90s). So I have a few options:

- Rush through the course and not understand any of it by the end and possibly fail the exam.

- Withdraw from the course and retake it

-Withdraw from the course and retake in an adult dayschool where I'll most likely do better.

If I withdraw I'll have a W on my ILC transcript with my mark beside it. I currently have an 87. What I'm wondering is if I retake the course with ILC will there still be a W beside the course even if I complete it? I've emailed them but its gonna be a few days before I hear about. I plan on apply to UofT, mcmaster, and Queens for either life sciences, or an Arts program. Will universities care about that 1 withdraw mark on my transcript? Any help would be great.

Edit: So I searched the old forum, basically from what I read is that UofT is the only university that really cares about retakes. So should I be even worried if I withdraw from my grade 11 chemistry course with a 87 and retake it later on?
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