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I applied to Laurier's Economic Honours program and I fall under the average by about 0.2%, the cut off is 82% I believe. I didn't fill out the ABS because I didn't feel I was required to and that I would make the cut off and now it's too late. Now it's midterm and I fall behind 0.2%, will they not consider me because of that little 0.2%? I filled out the Centennial Scholarship form and I noted down that I was extremely involved in extra curricular activities as well as volunteer work. Will they look at that form to consider me? Please help! These are my top 6 grade 12 marks:

English- 84
Advanced Functions- 73
Data Management- 80
Economics- 80
Individuals and Families- 88
Challenge and Change- 86

PS I might consider taking calculus in the summer.

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:cyclops: to a :cyclops:

good luck with your program
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Probably not.

You could try calling them and ask to upgrade your courses or take extra courses in summer school and maybe they will let you... I have heard of this before. It may be a little risky, but it can't hurt to call.

Good luck :cheers:
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There are two things you could do:

1. Fill out the ABS form anyways. Even though the deadline has passed, a lot of schools are not super concrete on the deadlines. For example, I sent in medical documentation, and they only got it on April 4th, but they took it into consideration anyways even though the due date was April 1.

2. Call and ask them to consider you for admission based on final marks. If there is still room in the program, and they feel you are worth waiting for, they could consider you for an offer based on your final marks. Hopefully you'll be able to pull your average up by then.

Good luck.
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A photo of thecookiemonster thecookiemonster
I may likely be in the same boat as you... except I don't really have a clue what my marks will be, but guessing around the same as yours.

I filled out the ABS as well. Good luck to both of us :cheers:
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