yconic - Women's Studies at Guelph is cut, but you can still take the programs...should I still consider it?
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Women's Studies at Guelph is cut, but you can still take the programs...should I still consider it?

A photo of hobbes hobbes
I'm interested in Philosophy, Law and Ethics, but I'm also passionate about Women's Studies. They've cut their funding for the program, so you can no longer major or minor in it but the courses are all still there, they've just been scattered about into various categories (Sociology, Psychology, etc).

Should I go to Toronto and give up the great time I know I'd have 1st year for something new and scary...or go to Guelph, and have a good time and graduate without Women's Studies in my name?
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In choosing between schools, I recommend you go through the faculty of each school in your considered programs to see which one is more esteemed. I'm guessing Toronto's will be.

Now, not to sound like a prick, but why Women's Studies? You will almost certainly have to do more school if you do your undergraduate in the arts, and being a bit more general (like Philosophy and Ethics) would be more to your benefit than Women's Studies. As far as I know, there aren't that many jobs for people in Women's Studies.
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A photo of nfabiano nfabiano
There's a Women's Studies class? It's probably cut for a reason.. don't take it.
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A photo of hobbes hobbes
Alright, well neither of your answers actually answered my question.

And yeah, if I'm going to be working with domestic violence cases or working in Law and looking at it from a feminist perspective or doing something with international development and gender, then yeah, it's pretty relevant to me.

If anyone else could have an opinion that ISN'T based on thinking Women's Studies isn't worth it, because it is, I would appreciate it.
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A photo of CoutureCouture CoutureCouture
Please take Woman's Studies. You don't necessarily need a degree in it (unless that's what you were planning). The information given in those courses is more important.

Feminist Love <3

Ps- Guys, show some respect to this girl. She asked a question she is concerned about. there is NO NEED to belittle what she wants to pursue. Men have no class... smh.
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"Feminism" is an unfortunate label for the important contributions that feminist thinkers have made to many disciplines in the humanities. For anyone planning to study the arts and social sciences, you will definitely encounter feminism in your studies. Contrary to what some people have said earlier, women's studies is a pretty broad field, precisely because it is interdisciplinary in nature. Anyone who has ever read and studied feminist literature will not be so quick to belittle its relevance to contemporary thought.

hobbes, I don't really see a major problem here. It sounds like you've made up your mind to attend Guelph, so you should take the plunge. If you're worried about post-graduation opportunities, I can assure you that what is written on your diploma is far less important than you think. Any arts degree will be general, no matter what you specialize in. From the looks of it, you will probably have to pursue grad school after your BA, and if you take enough courses with a feminist focus, you shouldn't face too much trouble pursuing an MA or PhD in something related.

If you're bummed out that Guelph has no specific women's studies courses, there is always the option of taking a few courses at Toronto during the summer if you can afford it.

If you have any questions about what you plan to study, I may be of further assistance, as I did my undergrad in something very similar to what you plan to do. Good luck!
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A photo of hobbes hobbes
Thank you :) Srsly, super helpful.

I am making my mind up today, so... eeeeek! Here we go.

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A photo of CatRunner CatRunner
I love Guelph. :) The campus is wonderful, the people are friendly, the food on campus is the best in the country, and the city of Guelph is a great little city.

I really enjoy being at Guelph. :)
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A photo of Student89 Student89
Ya you can only take some courses for the Women's Studies program. Like an intro but it's 2nd year and i like a couple 3rd years but no forth. Some people take it for a credit and getting to know info and themes in society.

*Also Guelph is amazing (although i'm transfering).
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