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Working at Aerie?

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
anyone have any experience in this? I saw a ad for part time, and I was thinking about giving it a try! Are they flexible in terms of scheduling and shifts? I would only be able to work 3 days a week, 'cause I am in gr 12 after all!

Thanks! :)
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A photo of kraken kraken
no idea but i love that store. all the employees are always super happy and helpful lol.

and it doesn't hurt to apply and then ask about shifts if you hear back!
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A photo of viramay viramay
Which aerie are you applying to? & Do you have any work experience?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I have cash and stock experience, plus a ton of volunteer experience! I've applied once before, but didn't get a call back :(
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A photo of phyllisung phyllisung
OMFG hhaha @pinaygurl, I love Jenna Marbles!
And good you should apply to Aerie, if you dont get it there are thousands of other jobs!

I heard grocery stores and fast food chains have very flexible and are really friendly.
like mcdonalds, sobeys, kfc, loblaws!

im thinking of working at a new loblaws myself!
pay is decent!
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