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workout, sleep on time, pamper myself

A photo of ValerieF ValerieF
Hey everyone! I know a lot about stress but i've realized that you have to take the time to be good to yourself otherwise you can kiss your happiness and productivity goodbye. I workout using p90x in the mornings when i can, do my nails and make sure to eat healthy and sleep on time. it also helps to write down your goals and check them off one by one. What also helps with sleep is writing down all the things you have to do the next day before bed so you don't worry. Good luck!
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A photo of jiira jiira
and don't forget to hang out with you friends from time to time. just get out there.
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A photo of DOV94 DOV94
There's a lot you can do, and it varies from person to person. I guess in general, just do what you like to do, but I think just chilling with friends is probably the best way to relieve stress.
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A photo of CheyenneS CheyenneS
I hate stress, and I know it'll never go away. We just need to figure out ways to deal with it. Thanks for the tips!
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A photo of jensaur jensaur
Thanks for the tips! I have a pretty stressful semester and it is extremely hard to sleep early (last semester, it was 1:30am bedtime, now it's 2:00am). Must pull through this semester!! D:
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Working out is actually a huge stress reliever... well, running is for me at least. @jensaur, I know what you are talking about for the 2:00am bedtime. Work piles up so quickly.
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A photo of jensaur jensaur
I've always wanted to work out but I just cannot find the time to do so. I feel so unhealthy, sitting at school for hours, coming home only to spend another couple hours studying. :(
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A photo of DerrickMcKee DerrickMcKee
I agree, for me, sports and athletics are a HUGE stress reliever. This is the first year my school didn't have a senior boys basketball team which was my main sport. I've felt the stress build up more and more between the extra work of my grade 12 courses and lack of sports. As long as you're doing something you enjoy not related to school work, I think you'll find it relieves stress, it's about getting your mind off of the stress causers for a little while.
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A photo of junerosey junerosey
yeah, time out for yourself is so important C: I love drawing and writing. Baking, exercising, and just going outside helps too
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A photo of TeelaChapdelaine TeelaChapdelaine
Definitely spend some time to work out, sweat once a day if you can, it really takes your mind off things and bad habits are impossible to break!
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