yconic - Would anyone here choose Rotman over Queen's Commerce?
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Would anyone here choose Rotman over Queen's Commerce?

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I haven't heard of Queens being reputable business school, but I know that Rotman is a good program and you get to make connections, so in terms of academics, Rotmans is better.

But, I've heard awful stories about life in UT, but Queens on the other hand is a party school and I heard they're all real chill :compress:

So yeah its just your preferences.
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:!: I'm someone who's going into the Arts (education)...and even I know that Queen's have one of the best, if not THE best, business program in Canada....


Rotman is just....the thing that's after: Queen's, Ivy, The york thing, Then there's McGill (somewhere in between/around the previous three), Laurier, waterloo thing...

well, when it's around waterloo it get's murky....but yeah...

._.; no.

-_-; unless you're cheap, go for Queen's > Rotman any day. O:
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The only reason I can see for someone choosing rotman over Queens, besides cost of tuition, would be for the international reputation.
If I was planning on going to...like, the UK the day I graduated, I'd go to UofT because it has a better international reputation than Queens. Other than that, QC, all the way.

People always say that UofT has great networking possibilities because its in toronto and all that stuff, and thats all true, but these opportunities only really present themselves for the very top students. There are a lot of good recruitments out of u of t, but proportional to the number of students the good positions are few and far betweem, and only availible to the top students. So if you think you're some kind of prodigy, you could go to U of T for the networking, but for everyone else Queens is the best all around program, and the recruitment and networking possibilities there are availible to nearly all its students.
Not to mention the drop out rate is significantly lower at Queens. UofT is a tough school.
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