yconic - Would I get accepted to the universities or no ? PLEASE READ THISIT'S REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME
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Would I get accepted to the universities or no ? PLEASE READ THISIT'S REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME

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Right now I am in high school and I am graduating this year 2012.

Here are the following I have took in the past and I am currently takingr right now and what my mark in the class

English 4U - 82 (U Course) Final
Earth and Spcade Science - 70 (U Course) Final
International Business - 86 (M Course) Currently Taking
Environment and Resources Management - 84 (M Course) Currently Taking
Business Leadership - 84 (M Course) Currently Taking
Individuals in a Diverse Society - 77 (M Course) Currently Taking

Overall Average of the 6 course 4U/M above is an 81.

Keep in my mind I have applied to Univerisities with 2 U courses and 4 M course.

Now my question is that based my marks would I get accepted to the universities I have applied to or no ?

I have applied to:

-Ryerson Univerisity - Criminal Justice
-University of Guelph Humber - Justice Studies
-Univeristy of Ontario Institution Technology - Criminogly.

Please answer the question respectfully and truthfully. Thank you
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A photo of computerengineer computerengineer
Since your english mark is very good and it is basically the main prerequisite,
Guelph- You need 70-80%, which you have so accepted.
UOIT- Easily accepted. Requirements are low 70s
Ryerson- 99% sure you would get accepted, since the requirements are 76-81.

I wouldn't think the universities would really care that those courses are M courses, as there are many U courses much easier than many of the M courses.
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A photo of Bscit Bscit
Im not a Law student but i have considered it and researched it. Now your average isnt very high but I would recommend staying behind a year to:
-To raise your average. York and UTSG are the better schools in Canada. I think there was one called Dalhouse or something that was also pretty good.
-Take International Law 4u, Law 3u, Philosphy 4u as I would recommend

If you absolutely do not want to go another year of HS, then I would highly suggest that you do not go to UOIT. Im am not hating on it and I do believe that there is a chance that it will be on par with WAterloo/UTSG one day but that is for IT/Engineering fields. Ive heard a lot of bad things about the Social Science programs at UOIT.
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A photo of iCorrosive iCorrosive
OMG! I applied for the same programs, and the same schools, but I added York and UTM too.
LOL, funny how we have the same average too, I'm at an 81 as well.

I really want to go to Guelph Humber, especially because of the placements. I'm kind of nervous about Ryerson because apparently last year's cut off was an 81! :|

And yeah I applied to UOIT too, and I don't plan on going there lol.

Anyway, your chances are pretty good, and I'm speaking for myself as well! I HOPE BOTH OF US GET IN! :cheers: :cheers:
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