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Would I have had a chance at Ivey AEO?

A photo of Stinkyfeet Stinkyfeet
I was just wondering whether these would have been good enough to at least bother applying. Missed the deadline for AEO and am stuck with BMOS or MIT at UWO as well as commerce at Mac along with arts at queens and mcgill.

For marks I had
95 in world issues
92 in Bio
83 in Advanced Functions
95 in Writers Craft
88 in English
93 in Media Studies
82 in Calculus and Vectors

For a top 6 of 91 %

as far as EC's go I had some ok ones

Student Council Events Coordinator
Scouts Leader
Some other random clubs like school reach and frisbee
volleyball team for 4 years
Volunteered as an umpire for a couple years at a kids baseball league
Taught sailing for the summer at a kids camp

Do you think it would have been worth applying back in January? I know it depends on the essays too, but mine would have hopefully been mediocre at worst.

What programs do you recommend too? I was leaning towards a double major of BMOS and MIT at UWO but was thinking about Mac Commerce, so what are your takes on UWO vs Mac, or more specifically BMOS/MIT at Western vs Bcomm at Mac. Would it be worth busting my balls for the first two years of uni to try to get into Ivey, however unlikely that may be? Plus I was thinking about doing an MBA after undergrad. What programs would help me get the experience that I need and would the undergrad program even matter that much?


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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Yes it would have been worth applying in January as you might have gotten in.

Go to McMaster, it's better. You can still apply to Ivey and transfer there 3rd year if you get accepted.
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
I think you would have had a fair shot. But no good can come out of stressing over the "what ifs" and regrets in general.
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A photo of ShawnCarter3 ShawnCarter3

@Stinkyfeet wrote

What programs do you recommend too? I was leaning towards a double major of BMOS and MIT at UWO

Im considering this! No one responds to my threads though. How would you go about doing this? Accepting MIT admission then taking BMOS courses as electives?
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A photo of TruthfulTruist TruthfulTruist
I think you shouldn't waste your time with BMOS. If you are really serious about your University education, you'd take the program you're most interested in. If you can't achieve a high mark at university level with a serious program, good luck succeeding in Ivey.

I highly recommend that you consider your other university options. While you can transfer, you also have to consider how much of a hassle it is to break your relationships and have to start new ones at Western.

Personally, I'd go to MIT and then apply for HBA. You're getting an arts degree (if you don't make it), so it's not going to significantly place you in a better spot than let's say at Queen's arts.

My 2 cents though, I'm not a professional.
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