yconic - WTH is going on with York's enorllment for courses?
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WTH is going on with York's enorllment for courses?

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They ask for a catalog number in order to add a course, which is different the course code itself by the way.

I looked up everywhere in York's fu*** website but couldnt relate to anything.

Here's a stupied example that they don't even know how to explain from Schulich's page:

Students locate the catalog numbers for the courses they are permitted to enrol in using the Schulich Course Offerings or York University Course Offerings pages for the appropriate term (Fall, Winter, Summer). A catalog number is the 6 digit number attached to a course: eg. ACTG 5100 3.00 Section G had S37K01 as its catalog number in Winter 2010.

Could anyone go down to my hot p** ..Oops! sorry explain to me how these catalog numbers work?

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I'm more interested in which curse word has three letters and starts with a p.
p**? Must be a new one I've never heard of...
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This girl better have a "hot pu$$y" because that would be the only thing she has going for her. She's dumb as f*cking hell.
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