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A photo of Username Username
Can anyone who has been accepted to york biomed post their marks? I know this is a little personal but I really want to see if my marks qualify for this program. Thanks
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A photo of mmmmmmmn mmmmmmmn
i got in but i don't know what my average is since i repeated one course and i don't know if they included it or not..but even including that repeated course, I think I have ~85ish?
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A photo of MariamGuled MariamGuled
I got in after first semester finals with only an 82...
although my average has gone up to an 87.8 now after midterms.

hope that helps ! goodluck
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A photo of Philster0 Philster0
My first term finals were:

Advanced Functions-95
Chemistry-90 (Screwed up on last test)
English-86 :'( Apparently one of the highest marks in my grade

Second semester midterms:

Exercise Science-94
Religion-89 (didn't want to take Philosophy, and it is a mixed course lol)

Overall an anticipated average of about 91 when finals come around.
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A photo of Bluesharpies Bluesharpies
I got in based on an 88.xx average for grade 11 marks. o-o
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A photo of choobmana choobmana
75% grade 11

81% grade 12 midterm based on 3 marks
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