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York Biomedical Science Vs. Kinesiology & Health Sciences (BSc)

A photo of mbrodeurkid30 mbrodeurkid30
Which of these would be better to use to get into medical school? I have acceptances to UofT and Ryerson, but I want to get good grades for my bachelor's to get into medical school so I am deciding to go to York over the other two, but for which program?

I already have an acceptance to Kinesiology and Healh Sciences (BSc) at York University, but I am thinking of switching it to Biomedical Science. Which would be better for me?

Also, what are the REQUIRED and which are the recommended courses for Biomedical Science? With Chemistry included into my top 6, my average is 79.5, with French instead of Chemistry in my top 6 I have an 81-83ish average. Do you think I should switch and would I get in?

Thanks :):bball:

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A photo of Sheldore Sheldore
Your marks are pretty low for UTSG standards so stay away from UTSG, trust me I just finished first year there. In terms of what program to go into I guarantee that Kinesiology is the much better choice. The variety of courses offered and the mandatory courses a Kinesiology student takes compared to other science students at York is quite different and Kinesiology is generally easier. I have a lot of friends doing Kinesiology at York and they absolutely love it. Can't say the same for kids doing science at UTSG or Ryerson.
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A photo of mbrodeurkid30 mbrodeurkid30
Would it make a difference going into medical school?
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@mbrodeurkid30 wrote
Would it make a difference going into medical school?

Hey there, I'm entering my 2nd year in biomed now. To answer your question: All programs are treated equally when applying to medical school in Canada. But biomed would be a better choice preparing for the MCAT since Kin doesn't require you to take Chem or Physics. But alot of biomed students switch over to kin after their first year, but that doesn't mean you'll like it necessarily because I know a guy who regret switching into Kin after his first year...

What I recommend to you is to take Kin first year and see how you like it. First year Kin and biomed are the same except in Kin you have to take 2 courses during your first year... If you don't like Kin, switch to biomed your 2nd year and make sure you take first year bio and chem courses that way you can easily switch to biomed.

I hope that helps :)
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