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A photo of chii chii
Hey guys! Merry Christmas :D

Just hoping for some opinions on York's Fine Arts Programs, more specifically Studio Art.

How competitive is it? Anyone been through the interviews and whatnot?

I'm super nervous! Any sort of thoughts on it would be greatly appreciated!

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A photo of Qq Qq
Most of the programs are 70-80 average, to be honest you'd be safe with an 80 average
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A photo of chii chii
I'm more worried about the portfolio evaluation! Any insight on that?
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A photo of Kail33 Kail33
I have a few friends doing art at York right now. From what I remember of their portfolio presentations they were not particularly difficult, If your work is good you will do well. I believe York asks for a number of very specific sketches, do not leave it all until the end. Just be confident and professional.
Good luck :)
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A photo of chii chii
I see! I won't leave it to the end :D

Do you think you could ask you friends how the work load is?

Thank you! Your post was very helpful.
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