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York for the arts??

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I want to go to York for the arts, specifically Digital Media ( which is actually a combination of art and some math). Any suggestions or advice? I heard York has bad reputation, but is good in the arts. Any other suggestions for likewise universities, for the arts?By the way, I'm trying to combine art with some math, because I'm really good at math. Also, any advice for that? I just finished grade 11 and I am still thinking about university programs...

Also, Mcmaster has multimedia, but it isn't known for any art-related programs. Anyone has knowledge about that, too?

Thanks for any advice or suggestions...:compress:
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@Respects wrote
Do computer engineering or computer science. Go to a good university for one of these programs, get coop and get good marks and you'll be set in life. Follow your passion in the digital media field in the side. This combines your interests and will land you a great career in the end. Since you're good at math it will help you too.

By the way, digital media has some computer science in it. But I also want to know about York itself. If anyone goes there, and can provide me with some information??

Thank you
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Thank you so much, this really helped me :compress: You're right about the safety, I've heard some issues in the news. Anyways, I plan to visit York during their open house in the fall, meanwhile, I'm also looking up different universities.:bounce:

But what did you mean when you said,
"...and you can find better universities than York for digital media."
York has the only digital media program in Ontario, its new. By any chance, do you know what other universities? I don't want to go to OCAD, because its purely for arts...
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