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York Health Studies or York Kinesiology & Health Sciences?

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[size=7]What are the differences between those two?
I'm more of a hands-on type of person. I'm interested of doing stuffs like general doctors do in hospitals. Which course do I take?:bounce: [/size]
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Will anyone answer my question above?
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Kinesiology & Health Sciences @ York is more focused towards learning the biophysical aspects of health, such as Anatomy & Physiology, Human Kinetics, Fitness, etc. Where as Health Studies you'd be focusing on a more sociological approach to health care, you'd be learning things such as Health Policy, Administration, Public Health Research, Biomedical Ethics, Accessibility...

Don't expect to be doing what "doctors do in hospitals" with an undergraduate degree unless if you pursue nursing, then you can expect to have patient interaction with a hands on approach. If you decide to pursue a science degree, you'll be doing mostly theory based stuff and applying it in your labs for subjects such as Biochemistry, or Molecular Biology. If you do the Health Studies degree, then you'll be learning about implementing new health policies, doing statistical research, finding ways to improve our health care system.
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