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I just received my conditional offer of admission letter for BHRM and BSW today, but after reading through it very thoroughly I couldn't find a specific average I will have to maintain. I know that it says my admission average, but I was just wondering if there is an exact amount I must keep; especially one for English. For example, for Ryerson's BSW program their conditional average is 77% with a 70% in English. My admissions average was a little over 85% (hopefully bumping a 78% that is bringing it down) with 5 U/M courses completed. I'm afraid that if I do poorly in English (hypothetically) I would have my acceptances revoked even though the average for both the programs are mid to high 70s. I know that English is detrimental to my programs, but just incase.Also, hypothetically if my average drops to an 80% will my offers be revoked?
Thank you for reading my extremely long question. : )
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