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YORK SCHULICH application Confusion!!!!!!

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Hey guys, So i have a question.. im kinda a confused about the Schluich application.. So im on my MYfile, and i clicked the supplementry information tab.. and there was only one link.. that reffered me to my refernces.. and i filled that out. But how do i fillout my actual supplementry application?.. Are we supposed to do it online? like UoFt or are we supposed to do it using this form on Word and then MAIL it in??.. im so lost please help!!! And whats the thing about the 30 Mins Time limit??

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You print it out and fill out the form. You type up everything such as your Activity Log, Essays, etc on word and print it out and attach it to the form. Then you mail it out or deliver it to Schulich.
The 30 minute time limit means nothing.
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