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York Schulich Supplementary and Recommendation Letter

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Hi, I applied to York's Schulich BBA program, now its asking for a supplementary part.
(My first choices were Life/Health Sciences and business as Back Up)

I found the supplementary information form here:

Step 1 – Personal Information
Complete personal information on first page of this form (Please type or print clearly).

Step 2 – Two Letters of Recommendation
Please submit the contact details (email addresses) of two referees to substantiate two activities on your
activity report. Visit www.yorku.ca/myfile and login with your York student number or temporary reference
number. Once you have logged in, click on “Supplementary Information Forms” on the left hand side and
follow the instructions provided.
Letters of recommendation should describe your role and responsibilities as well as verify the quality and
quantity of your involvement in the activity.
Reference letters written by family members, friends, or classmates are not acceptable.

Step 3 – Activity Report
Complete Activity Report (Please type).
Using the following categories as a guideline, list all activities and the total number of hours per year that
you have dedicated to each activity during the last two calendar years. (i.e. 2010 and 2011)
 Extracurricular (student council, yearbook, events, organizations, band/orchestra, etc.)
 Sports (varsity, intramural, or recreational)
 Representing School in Competition/Conference/Event
 Volunteer Community Service
 Paid Employment
 Other Supplementary Information Form for September 2012

Step 4 – Essay Questions
Response for each question should be no more than 250 words. (Please include word count.)
A) Tell us three reasons why you wish to study in the BBA or iBBA program at the Schulich School
of Business.
B) Where do you see yourself in ten years? How will the Schulich School of Business BBA/iBBA
help you achieve this goal?
Please answer either question (C) or (D).
C) If you could trade places with another person for a month, famous or not famous, real or fictional,
who would it be and why?
D) If you could invent a new product or service, what would it be? Why would it be attractive to

Step 5 – Waiver
Please read carefully, sign and date.
WAIVER – A clear sense of academic honesty and responsibility is fundamental to good scholarship.
Conduct that violates the ethical or legal standards of the University community will result in automatic
disqualification. I hereby certify that the information provided in this application and in any material filed
with this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct. The Activity Report and Essay
responses are completed by me. I understand that the misrepresentation of this information is grounds for
the Schulich School of Business to cancel my admission to, or registration at the University. I have read all
the text carefully and am making this my one and final submission. Attached are all the supporting
documentation, as required.

Signature Date

Step 6 – Submitting your form
Incomplete forms will not be processed.
The Supplementary Information Form must arrive at our office by the applicable deadline date indicated
on the front page. Schulich programs have limited enrolment and therefore space cannot be guaranteed.
It is recommended that your Supplementary Information Form be submitted prior to the deadline dates.
Please send your completed supplementary form, essay responses, and activity log to the following
Undergraduate Programs Unit
Division of Student Services and International Relations
Schulich School of Business, Room W262
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3

Step 1: Easy I can fill out :D

[size=8]Step 2: Letters of Recommendation [Help]

Q: Is there a reference form outline that you have to fill? Or do they(I) have to make it themselves?

Q: Can a reference letter be from some one that you get tutored by? (get Reference letter from my tutor?) ( i am a tutor at school , but still get tutored by some one else :D)

Q: Can a reference letter be from a teacher, that is not involved with my activity report?[/size]

Step 3: Activity Report
-Volunteering at religious temples
-In-school tutoring (at lunch time, 2 times a week)
-In-school tutoring (after school , 1 time a week)
-Art Club (once a week)
-Physics, Bio, Chem Competition ( Did not happen yet, still working on this)
-Work at my dads office (not really a EC)
-Potentially going to try out for recreational activity (school teams)...

Step 4: Essay
- Just answer the questions

Step 5: Wavier
-Sign the form

Step 6: Submitting
-mailing this entire application to them

[size=9][size=8]WHEN IS DEADLINE???[/size][/size]
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A photo of mel016 mel016
Step 2: I don't think there is a reference form outline...you have to go to your MyFile thing and say who will reference you (name, mailing address and email address).

They clearly said no friends, family or classmates...

I think it's okay but from what I've heard...it's better to use references related to your extracurriculars.

Deadline...depends on where you live...if you're from Ontario it's February 8th.

P.S. Do you know whether or not if, I have to send a hard-copy of my reference letters with my supplementary form, if my "referees" send it electronically or if they've already sent the hard-copy, do I have to send another copy with my supplementary form?
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