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York SFP Question

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hey i applied to a couple of scholarships but the problem is that they say complete the personal statement but they do not tell me what they want me to write in their personal statement i.e.
Campbell Moving Systems Inc. Award

The Campbell Moving Systems Inc. Award has been established to provide an annual award to a secondary school student entering a first-year program at York University. The successful applicant must have an admission average of 85 per cent or higher, have made a contribution to the life of their school or community. Recipients must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons, residents of Ontario and demonstrate financial need.

Application Process:
To apply, submit the entrance Student Financial Profile (SFP) available through http://www.yorku.ca/myfile You must select this award from the list available. Please ensure you complete the following sections: Extracurricular Activities, Community Service and Personal Statement

So what do i do?
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The personal statement portion of the YorkU Student Financial Profile (SFP) is for you to talk about yourself as a person in reference to specific scholarships.

In the example you presented, the Campbell Moving Systems Inc. Award is given students that have a minimum average of 85%, and have made contributions to their school/community. In the personal statement, put a little blurb about how you contribute to your school/community. You don't have to talk about your average as they will see that on your transcript.

Basically, the personal statement is how you sell yourself to the scholarship committee. Write everything they want to hear (as long as it's true!) in the personal statement because they will read that and see how it fills the requirements of the scholarship(s) you have applied for.

I hope that helps! Goodluck.

PS, The York U SFP was due February 1st, 2012. Next time, just make sure you check the deadlines and don't do your scholarship application the night before so you can take full advantage of scholarship opportunities.

Best of luck with everything else!
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